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All About The Latest Update

All About The Latest Update

The newest update for Guild Wars 2 game is now available! The update, which was revealed at the ArenaNet Forum, includes the first part of the new Living Story Season 3, named "A Star to Guide Us." The update will also see the release of the new Grandmaster armor set, which is made up of the Radiant Spirt and Sunspear armor sets; a new dungeon, Spirit Watch; and the addition of a new in-game currency, Jumbo Sunscorched Cactus. This currency can be used to purchase a crafting box that will contain the following items:

- 3 random rare or better items

- 2 random exotic items

- 1 random legendary item

- 1 Jumbo Sunscorched Cactus

- 1 Jumbo Cactus

- 1 random crafting material

- 1-3 unspecific items

The update will be available starting on Tuesday, April 11th.

Guild Wars 2 game is a fantasy massively multiplayer online role-playing game set in a persistent world where the player is a member of an adventuring party that travels around a fantasy world to fight monsters, explore territory, and complete quests for NPC-given items, experience, and gold.

22 Feb 2021